30- and 60-minute treatment sessions available for speech, language, pragmatic and feeding therapy. Sessions can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, every other week, or monthly to fit your child’s needs. Scheduling is currently open for Wednesday afternoons, Thursdays and Fridays.


Navigating the school system can be difficult and confusing. From IEP meetings, to goals, to classroom placements, there are a lot of decisions to make. You may hear great ideas of how to implement language building activities at home, but then feel lost once you’re back into your routines. Consulting services through CommuniKate provides the supports to navigate these complicated situation. Set up home visits to help set up a language nurturing environment. Or have Katie accompany you to an IEP meeting to work with the school system to ensure your child is getting the supports they need. This service works best in connection with traditional therapy services so Katie can have a well rounded idea of your child’s needs.


Chances are, you know someone who has seen a speech therapist, but do you know what we do and how we may be able to help your family? As it turns out, “speech” therapy is a misleading name because we don’t just work on speech. In this workshop we’ll condense all of our undergrad and graduate school training down to 1 hour (not really), but you will learn all the topics speech therapy addresses, and how we may be able to help your child. 


Speech and Language Evaluations include up to 2 hours of direct time with the child and family where in-depth caregiver interview, observation, and standardized testing will be completed, one hour of write up time, and printed and mailed copies of evaluations including results and recommendations.


CommuniKate Speech Therapy is now happy to offer screenings, evaluations, and treatment in your child’s preschool or private school, billed through your regular health insurance benefits. We are working with numerous schools in the Vancouver area to set up these services for our families. This means you can still get the same great speech therapy services CommuniKate Speech Therapy has to offer, without the hassle of coming to the clinic. If you would like to know the schools at which our services are currently offered, or would like us to reach out to your child’s preschool or private school, just send us a message!